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  • 4 years ago
Marriage€quality referendum - The Final Countdown

Marriage€quality referendum - The Final Countdown

The final edition of LGBTlife before the day of decision see the two sides share their recommendations with listeners. Advocating a YES vote, Donna Cooney highlights equality of all citizens as her primary reason for reaching that decision. She proposes love should be seen as the fundamental basis of all marital relations and that children develop far more healthily in every regards, when they are reared in a loving, nirturing and caring environment.

Recommending rejection of the proposed constitutional amendment is Ian Kennedy. Ian is an evangelical Christian, he shares with listeners that his decision to vote NO was based on values that are central to an understanding of his faith and traditions. He details some of the negative experiences he has had while canvassing in Waterford and suggests that even a YES outcome has the potential to cause psychological problems for some vulnerable members of the LGBT community. Ian sounds a note of caution of worse vices to become normalised


Lynda Sheridan

I also got bad comments aid to me by some the no side ,as I was canvasing a no sider shouted at me you people are sick so the no siders are no angels either and they should stop playing the scared ones the fat is we in the lgbt and gender related community are as of the moment unequal. citizens and the no side posters are disgusting in the portrayal of children ,my children and grandchildren are fine and hopefully none are unequal , yes vote is the only vote for equality for all men women and children in Ireland, I has been to long a wait. Lynda in coolock