Jim Hrncir RPh - 23rd August 2017

Jim Hrncir RPh - 23rd August 2017

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Jim Hrncir RPh - 23rd August 2017
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Jim Hrncir is a Registered Pharmacist who operates his own accredited Las Carolinas Pharmacy in Texas. Through his own experiences he realized that traditional medicine does not have all the answers. He learned that integrative/ functional medicine has more options and tends to deal with root causes rather than just manage the symptoms with drugs that are often frot with bad side effects and really don't cure. He has a thyroid condition himself and found that LDN corrected his balance so much that he reduced his thyroid Medication by 75%. Through an illness he lost his taste and smell, but got back 50% so far ( within 2 months) by taking LDN? He tells us about a number of exciting cases where LDN has had life changing results for patients. As an aside, he teaches therapies on hormone, thyroid, adrenals, and diet. He also stresses the importance of choosing supplements of good quality. You'll enjoy listening to this compassionate and enthusiastic man.

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