KSP #001-C - Sven Weimann - Yvonne <3

KSP #001-C - Sven Weimann - Yvonne <3

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KSP #001-C - Sven Weimann - Yvonne <3
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Welcome Sven Weimann - our Berlin based agent - to the Klangspione podcast. He is responsible for the third part of our actual episode and delivers a heart melting Deep House set. As you can imagine, his mix is pure love and dedicated to his significant other.

If you like his sound feel free to listen to more stuff from him: https://www.mixcloud.com/Durango/


Playing tracks by Full Intention, Mira, Quivver, Sotela, Javier Portilla, Emalaine, Fynn, Audio Junkies, Lonya and more.