KSP #002-A - Dr. Asunder - Fifty Shades Of Acid

KSP #002-A - Dr. Asunder - Fifty Shades Of Acid

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KSP #002-A - Dr. Asunder - Fifty Shades Of Acid
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Who the hell needs Fifty Shades Of Grey if you can have Fifty Shades Of Acid?!

... "You mean .. what?!" ...

A-C-I-D. I said Acid. Not the drug. Not chemical. But over 200 minutes pure Techno music from these days combined with tracks going back to the 90s. I repeat! Fifty Shades Of Acid. Fifty Tracks crossing over from Minimal to House to Breakbeat to Techno and back again. All contain the well known and acclaimed Roland TB303 sawtooth and square waves. Dry. Wet. Overdriven. Distorted. Processed. Dirty. This goes out to all you wired Acid lovers out there. Enjoy your listening experience with the usual suspects such as Paul Mac, Ben Sims, Mark Broom, Josh Wink and not to forget Mike Dearborn with his oldschool classic from 1994 "Birds on E".

Want to listen to much more music mixed by him? Visit the link: https://www.mixcloud.com/daveastray


Playing tracks by Clarian, Scuba, Robert Babicz, Doka, Mikael Stavöstrand feat. K.atou and more.

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