JstarDigsMusic #17 - Summer Bass Badness

JstarDigsMusic #17 - Summer Bass Badness

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JstarDigsMusic #17 - Summer Bass Badness
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We like a bit of reggae with our DnB around here! so to shake off them cold winter bones, it's time to put some mud and sand in your boots, neck sum rum and turn up the BASS! I did this mix before last summer (!) and somehow it slipped the net! so here it is, for your pleasure laydeez n gentlemenz...

download link http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?lb3g9x6xpwmr7x1


Playing tracks by Get Ready Ba Ba Boom, Ghetto Man Skank, Sugar Me, Lunar Bass (Commix Remix), Police And Helicopter and more.



Sweet sweet shit bro. Lovin it.

Dave Harry

This is the absolute business!

Graham England

Love this mix! I've been listening to it all afternoon! Especially love "Ghost Town" and "No No No" tracks... better than the originals! All mixed together superbly... nice one mate!


good job

Ash Wind Cho

The Rebel MC crew all the way!!! Tenor fly, Nãnci, phoebe,top cat, daddy freddy, Congo dub boy... Yehhhhhhh Love love love all the way

Adrian Gibson

wicked mix!

Ma Quest


Warren Brandon

love the mix Jstar, making the transition from English winter to summer that much easier

Toby Asker-Browne

Cheers, brought the sun out here - will get sharing on this mate!


Banging mix mate, nice one!