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  • 3 days ago
The Johnny Switchblade Show #395

The Johnny Switchblade Show #395

Playing tracks by

Power Switchblade, The Who, Frank Wilson, Graham Parker & the Rumour, The Bee Gees and more.

This episode features The Abyssinians, Cults, The Halos, and many, many more...



Fantastic show with The Who,The B-52's,the Salsa Strawberry from Manny Corchado,and the outstanding vocal arrangement of Lambert , Hendricks & Ross.Have a great week!

Johnny Switchblade

I like that, "Salsa Strawberry." And sweet it was. Lambert, Hendricks And Ross aren't for everyone, but obviously, YOU get it. Thanks as always for listening and commenting, JBM!

Van Threet

Excellent show with The Who, Bee Gees, The B-52's, The Cars, and Black Flag. I really dig Abducted by Cults! Keep on rocking!

Johnny Switchblade

Thanks as ever, Van. One cool thing about that Cars track is that it features a rare (and weird) keyboard solo by Greg Hawkes, an underrated keyboardist, IMO. Have a great week!


Beck, The B52s, The Cars, Cults! (I was just wondering if Cults were still making music, so thanks for answering that question!) So many faves in one show, I could hardly contain myself! 🖤‼‼

Johnny Switchblade

Thanks Raven! Yah, Cults' last album was in 2020, and, as far as I know, they are still going. They did break up after their second album, but obviously got over it, lol. That Beck song cracks me up: "Running through the jungle, looking for your hair..." Why didn't Creedence think of that? Have a great week!

C.I. DeMann

great show as always, johnny. did you hear my tribute to you on this morning's show?

Johnny Switchblade

No, I will check that out, thanks, C.I.! And thanks for listening as always.


Hey Johnny, Thanks for opening with the Who and ending with G. Lightfoot (and for the whole show). One thing that occurred to me listening to the end of the Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross tune was that Annie Ross sounds like a small dog yipping--the only somewhat strange aspect of this kind of jazz singing, which is otherwise quite delightful. Rock on!

Johnny Switchblade

Thanks as always, tferd! I agree about Annie Ross on that tune: I think she was feeling no pain, to put it mildly. On Bob Dylan's "Theme Time" show, he once mentioned that fans of Jamaican DJs Duke Reid and Leslie Kong had quite a rivalry going, to the point where gunfights would break out at their shows between warring fan factions. Dylan then added, "I had the same thing going with Gordon Lightfoot." Have a great week!


EXCELLENT SESSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Johnny Switchblade

Thanks DJ Craig T! Have a great weekend!


Oi Oi Mr JS, and happy whatever day you read this, this weeks show i believe in the US would be a home run as you smashed it out of the park, Frank Wilson track had a great beat to it, boppometer on full with that one, La Fresa tune had me switch to Latin bopping for a few minutes 🤣🤣, nice reggae track from Abyssinians (stealing lyrics from Mr Marley though - or maybe the other way around), the lead singer of the Black Flag just needs a hug ha ha, thank you as always for your show, and have a great week, catch you for 396 😎🎶🎶😎

Johnny Switchblade

Right on, SID! It's good to see the ol' Boppometer working. The Abyssinians were probably 'borrowing' from Mr. Marley, it's true. Have a great weekend!

The Captain Maniac Show

Interesting that you mentioned The High Numbers at the top of the show: I'm putting together a show where various artists perform Bo Diddley songs, and I included The High Numbers doing "Here 'Tis" (I much prefer the Yardbirds version, which is also in the show).
I saw Frank Wilson in the "playing tracks by" section, and I expected "Last Kiss" (a song written by The Big Hair guy, Wayne Cochran). Then I remembered the Last Kiss cover was by _J_ Frank Wilson! He probably added the J in front of his name so that he wouldn't be confused with the soul singer!
Good show, by the way, and keep on rockin;!

Johnny Switchblade

Thanks as always, Captain! I had the same experience when I first saw that name "Frank Wilson": I thought of the famous teenage death-rocker tune by J. Frank Wilson. I guess that's the better-known tune? I didn't even KNOW the High Numbers did "Here 'Tis," but they seem to have recorded a lot of material that is still being discovered. Have a great weekend!