Hello and Welcome to a New Era of Jesse Blake Music with Mixcloud Select!!

4 years ago

Hey Music Lovers!!

First off, thank you SO MUCH for following me on Mixcloud! I absolutely love sharing my mixes and classes with you and it's been really amazing to develop so many connections with so many of you through my music as well as the mixes. Many of you are yoga, fitness, or healing arts instructors--and for years the most common complaint with Mixcloud has been how annoying and non-user-friendly the interface has been. From not being able to rewind to play limitations and other clunky stuff, the experience has often been less-than-stellar for teachers and listeners alike! Well, NO MORE!!

With Mixcloud Select, I'm now able to offer unlimited playback on all 151 mixes (plus all my future mixes) in my catalog, as well as rewind, fast forward, and full downloading capabilities (just download the Mixcloud app to your phone and make a mix "Available Offline" and you no longer need a web connection to play the mixes!).

Mixcloud set a minimum price of $2.99/mo and so I went with that--I'd love to offer it free but the cool news about the pricing is that behind the scenes they're paying out to all the artists I'm using (including me in a lot of cases because I use so much of my own music!). This means that my mixes will NEVER get taken down--they're 100% legal in every way AND when you subscribe you're actually supporting me, which is pretty cool!

All the current functionality of the mixes stays the same if you don't subscribe, so nothing needs to change on your end if you like things as they are! The only difference is many of the archived mixes have been designated "Subscriber Only" so those will only be available if you subscribe.

All the newest mixes will be available to all of you for a limited time after they are posted and peppered throughout the archive you'll see mixes open up for anyone to listen! In addition, you can go to my Spotify for more playlists and mixes: https://tinyurl.com/yxanzpdw.

Thanks again for connecting with me on Mixcloud! I hope these are welcome changes for you but please let me know your thoughts on how I can make this the best music and mix resource possible for YOU!!