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Dunkirk, France

I am Jeff Desmdedt, a young French producer but an older DJ,,,,

I discovered Techno in the early 90's and it was a revolution! All those synthetic sounds put in those hard loops immediately made me a real Techno lover !!!

Nowadays, my productions are oriented towards melodic sounds. They are a mix of Trance and Melodic Techno, but as you can hear on the beatport page of Underground Roof Music, I started to create more Techno tracks.

Now you know some things about me, but what you don't know yet are my ambitions. I like to share the music I produce, but also the music I discover, in my DJ sets. So my goal is to play the music I love for you and for the whole Techno world. I would love to play on big stages and make people groove with the sounds I select. I'm ready for it!

For sure we'll see each other again, so I'll just say... goodbye!