Happy New Year, Goodbye 2020!

5 months ago

Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope you all had a great time celebrating! 2020 has certainly been a struggle for everyone, but when I reflect back - it's actually turned out OK for me, music-wise. Being able to focus more on music has definitely kept me sane, and I hope you've been enjoying what's been coming your way!

In 2020, I had some personal achievements and overcame some challenges - First of all, I took the plunge and rebranded Handbag House to JNR, which was a huge decision but the support I received was overwhelming - I definitely feel I made the right choice.

Secondly, as a true introvert (unusual for a DJ, I know!), I swapped the club environment for a few Facebook Live gigs - I hate being on camera, and I hate being on the mic, but sometimes you just have to push yourself outside your comfort zone and I'm so glad I gave it a go - it's definitely boosted my confidence in my own abilities!

Lastly, by some bizarre twist of fate, I was given my own radio show, Saturday nights on Pride Radio which has been going really well! It's allowed me to keep music fresh and in turn provide these weekly mixes for all your Select subscribers - for which I am again, so grateful for your support!

As a big thank you, I've made my live 2-hour DJ set from me bringing in the new year available to everybody. Apologies if you saw me performing it live on YouTube, I had one too many vodkas I think - I don't make a habit of singing over the mic, honest and luckily this mix is music-only! There are 50 massive pop, dance and club anthems which I had so much fun pulling together for your enjoyment.

I have some really exciting plans for 2021 - so stay tuned, and I hope all of us have a fantastic year together.

All the best!
Iain, JNR