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The Ultimate Synthwave Mix

The Ultimate Synthwave Mix

Ishkur Presents: The Ultimate Synthwave Mix.

Hot on the heels of Kung Fury, Pixels, Hotline Miami, Turbo Kid, Moonbeam City, GTA Vice City and Ernest fucking Cline is yet another love letter to the 80s. This is Synthwave (aka Outrun), the correct term for all that 80s revivalism going on, fetishizing synthesizer scores and soundtracks from the decade we all know and love (made entirely by people who likely weren't even alive back then).

Ishkur's Ultimate Mix Series: No drops, no builds, no breakdowns, no bullshit. Just good grooves.



AWESOME MIX!!! Very inspiring.
Thank you for sheering this =)

Hard Vanadium

The first half was ok. Then autotuned garbage took over.


This is Gold. 👏


No doubt, one of the best synthwave sets i´ve heard so far! Really good job! Nice track list and rearrange.
To be five star i would include more Carpenter Brut/Danger track ... but thats my personal taste :P
Keep it and stay safe

Elana Smith

MORE Synthwave please❣️ This is amazing! A heady journey. 🦄✨💥

80's Virus

Nice job!




Perfect synthwave mix for driving an AE86 ♥️

Fungus Delight

Wow, this is good! I'd LOVE to download it - is there a chance that you might provide a download link?
Greetings from Germany!


Oohhhh. I need a track list to this. So good.