Innocent Darkness

Antwerpen, Belgium

Something from the dawn of time, how could you possibly put a name to that?
Hi, I am David Vantongerloo, also known as DJ Innocent Darkness.

My love for music is at the center of my identity, and I am particularly passionate about the genres of Witchhouse, Goth, and Deathrock.

I believe that music has the power to evoke emotions and transport people to another world. As a DJ, I strive to create immersive and haunting soundscapes for my audience.

In addition to my passion for music, I also have a strong interest in technology and computers.

I have a background in Linux and enjoy tinkering with computer hardware to build my own custom machines.

I see a strong connection between music and technology and I am always looking for ways to bring the two together.

This is evident in my DJ performances, where I use cutting-edge technology to create unique soundscapes and visual experiences for my audience.

Overall, I am a person who is deeply dedicated.