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Altay Biysk, Russian Federation

Son of writer Ganova Ludmila modern artist Ilya Tsurikov ...
The writer Ganova Ludmila wrote the novel "RUSSIAN MONARCHY" about the illegitimacy of power in Russia and the return of legal power in Russia to the Romanov's Monarchy! And self-nominated for the Nobel Prize 2018! (An open letter to the King of Sweden written by Ganova Ludmila in May 2018 - (to King Carl XVI Gustaf) who presents the Nobel Prize in literature! Defender of the Swedish Academy!)
About the necessity to attract attention to the problems of illegitimate power in Russia and to the novel "RUSSIAN MONARCHY-2010"!
Ganova Ludmila supposed that the Monarch should understand much better the problems of the Monarchy .

The writer (Philologist) Ganova Ludmila wrote an open letter to V.V. Putin in connection with the writing of the novel “RUSSIAN MONARCHY” about the transfer of power in Russia to its rightful successor from the Romanov's dynasty...