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Igor Step - Arigatou, Ishii Hideaki!
A Tribute Mix to the Finest Japanese Broken Beats Maestro - DJ Krush (AKA Ishii Hideaki)

Artist/DJ: Igor Step
Title: Arigatou, Ishii Hideaki!
Label: Pets4Step Studio
Genre: Downtempo, Trip-Hop, Acid Jazz, Jazz-Hop, Abstract Hip-Hop, NU-Jazz, Jazz-Step and more...
Release date: September 2010
Quality: 320 kbps
BPM: 82-92
Length: 2:46:45
Size: 100 Mb
Traxxx: 44

You could download this mix here:

Coming Soon...
After Audio Mastering Process


Igor Step Sensei

:-))) Arigatou!


THE last 4:10 and heaven on the mendin'... Blowin' smoke thru holes in my soul's soles... leakin' shoes for the blues o' crews pushin' thru the tried and true, on with the day in memory of days forgotten on the already...
Sweetest 4 minutes of this mix... what a MASSIVE way to celebrate Dj Krush, Cheers, man !


T-minus 9:00 on the simmer down and it's all about the final show of flows and whisperin' crows on power lines for watchtowers; the misery in all things on the finite and all good things that come to pass as everything has a time & place...
Living, loving & dying - just tryin' to live for it all, bleedin' precious on this wind-out... magic thru & thru !


Vampires in space and every case of madness tryin' to chase us outta where we power-thrusted and dusted exhaust trails to nail alien babes and save other plains of species from our own faults... Earth # 2 and we cannot mischoose like we done already... scrappin' one planet 'cuz the industries and corporations drove it all greed fueled and spoiled it to rule on the miniscule,? Dangerous!


@ 2:28:20... An anthem all-its-own, Glorious !


At this point I do find myself wantin' to address "tracks of the day" and really on the multiple because there is just SO much I have on the play; nonstop...

Pretty confident this spell here [ a good 10 minutes on the generous ] of overlayed and layered flavors is gonna be the most solid; centralized and soul-laden combination of moods, moves thru the audio deludes and tunes to soothe the achin' human condition of just having feelings, period.


@ 2:07:01... MOST likely ona the very first hits I heard from Krush; it was a video and it had been in a Playlist and was part of a more Jazz-driven, classic hip hop assembly, but all the groove and flow was just dynamite... literally hadta STOP what I was on and went to check the very vid for a replay... Smoothness!


Rollin' down the last 51 minutes and then some, what a trip to run a spree on the legacy of one of my favorite masters o' "The Wheels," and been a reminder of what it takes... the staying power and just basically The Craft that sadly gets forgotten too easily by those all fused with the digital and the dLs and the mp3 decks now...
I can recognize simplicity and the infusion of what technology can simplify and integrate, but ages ago, not even an entire decade... "the scene" was somethin' else entirely... My, time has its way on us ALL,?


Deeper THAN the deepest creep while 'ems babes sleep and I be window peepin', lordy!
Dark and yet chillin' on villainesque prosthetics... Sickness, totally!


@ 1:36:10 - NO hush, hushin' 'cuz this place is now rushin' with the sanctions o' stations grabbin' aces from the cases o' artists and talent on the non-relent, just BIG, effin BIIIIGGGG !