13.03.23 Cosmic Turtle w / Olav Rixen

13.03.23 Cosmic Turtle w / Olav Rixen

1 year ago
13.03.23 Cosmic Turtle w / Olav Rixen
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Love this one Anssi. Never heard of Olav Rixen before today so fabulous to discover new wonderful music

Anssi Lihtonen

Olav was a new discovery for me also thx to IG member lostintheozone83 / Rich… he has awesome collection and know lots of these old cats

Anssi Lihtonen

1. Back Street Mission – Can’t Find The Time 2. Sand – She 3. Olav Rixen – Fly Away 4. Olav RIxen – Paradise Girls 5. Olav Rixen – In To The Dark 6. Olav Rixen – South Of Eden 7. Olav Rixen – Pilgrim’s Song 8. Mason Roller Line – High Wire 9. The Penn Kings – With Out You 10. Home Comfort – Talk It With The Wind 11. Fraser&Debolt – Dance Hall Girls 12. Agnus Stone – Apprentice Of The Rocket Man