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Dj Main Event

Maryland, United States

DJ Main Event, is a renowned DJ, Producer, and Radio Mixer based in Baltimore, Maryland. A successful entrepreneur with a love for music, Main Event is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of hometown-based Team of M.E. Entertainment, LLC; an event and entertainment company that specializes in providing full-scale entertainment services for all events including parties, clubs, weddings, private, and corporate events.

DJ Main Event’s range of experience spans a ten year period that is highlighted by the revitalization of the Baltimore Club Scene through DJ’ing and production including his acclaimed, self-produced mixtape of Baltimore Club-based remixes “Baltimore Club for Dummies.” Like many great DJ’s of the past, Main Event got his humble beginning in 1999 after receiving a set of turntables from his father. Self-taught, and self-motivated, Main Event began DJ’ing house parties in the Baltimore area in 2003 after years of studying and honing his unique set of mixing abilities.