Episode 9: Justin Keating memoirs

Episode 9: Justin Keating memoirs

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Episode 9: Justin Keating memoirs
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Justin Keating was a Labour Party politician, academic, journalist, veterinary surgeon, television pioneer, and award-winning documentary filmmaker. He served as Minister for Industry in Liam Cosgrave's government of 1973-77, and later as an MEP. President Michael D. Higgins called him "a man who saw socialism as both essential and adaptable to change". Later in life, Justin served as honorary President of the Humanist Association of Ireland.
Anna Kealy and Justin's wife Barbara Hussey, the editors of Justin's memoirs, Nothing Is Written In Stone, spoke at the First Sunday Meeting in June about the book, the process of putting it together, about Justin himself and his achievements, and answered questions from the floor.
Text by Pat Clarke-Browne
June 2017