Episode 15: Assisted Dying - Gaynor French

Episode 15: Assisted Dying - Gaynor French

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Episode 15: Assisted Dying - Gaynor French
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Would you stop a dying relative from taking their own life?

Assisted Dying is the topic of this special length podcast. We hear arguments for and against choosing the moment and method of one's own death with a talk by medical practitioner Robert Willams, who is introduced by Eamon Murphy.
Special guest Gaynor French (pictured) - biology lecturer, designer, teacher, author, mother, grandmother - provides a moving first hand account of her campaign to end her own life. Gaynor French has stage 4 metastatic breast cancer in her liver and bones. See www.facebook.com/dyingwithdignityireland/ for more.

We also speak to members of the audience and ask if the option was there would they choose to die?
The audience poses questions afterwards to round off an informative and emotional afternoon.
June 2018 (originally recorded October 2018)