Episode 23: Naomi Connor, Alliance for Choice

Episode 23: Naomi Connor, Alliance for Choice

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Episode 23: Naomi Connor, Alliance for Choice
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How has the Repeal the 8th result failed women?
What are the lessons to be learnt, both in Northern Ireland and the Republic?
How do we overcome the obstacles to abortion access on the island of Ireland?

Speaking on “Northern Ireland; Excluded from the more Progressive Ireland” was Naomi Connor, Co-convener of Alliance for Choice in Northern Ireland. She reveals the problems with the current legislation, the hurdles ahead and the reality of abortion access from her personal experience of accessing abortion in the UK.
See the video for Isobel Anderson's "I’m a life" referenced at the end of the talk.

Many thanks to Eamon Murphy for content used in the introduction.
Audio recorded at the 2019 All Ireland Humanist Summer School, a two day event organised by the Humanist Association of Ireland & the Irish Freethinkers & Humanists of Northern Ireland.