Episode 20: Humanist Summer School 2018

Episode 20: Humanist Summer School 2018

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Episode 20: Humanist Summer School 2018
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- Introduction to the Summer School.
01.40 - Fergus Whelan, author: The Irish contribution to free thought in the early eighteenth century.
02.40 - Kitty Holland (pictured), Social Affairs Correspondent, Irish Times: Censorship of working class voices in the media.
04.40 - Roy Brown, author, Human Rights Activist: Self-censorship in the media.
06.20 - Anne-Marie McNally, Social Democrats: Diversity in Media Ownership
08.45 - Anthony Keating, senior lecturer, Edge Hill University: Censorship and the Catholic Church.
11.55 - Isabella Evangelisti, Art Historian: Censorship in Irish art.
13.00 - Chris Hudson, Unitarian Minister: Thoughts of a Freethinking Christian.
15.00 - Harry Browne, Senior Lecturer in Media at DIT: Humanism, freedom and equality: lessons in ‘Jimmy's Hall’.
Photo by Dara Hogan
Additional content by Alan Tuffrey & Eamon Murphy
November 2018 (recorded August 2018)