HDD House Party #1 : The Hip Hop Podcast

HDD House Party #1 : The Hip Hop Podcast

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HDD House Party #1 : The Hip Hop Podcast

The first in a series of Podcasts from Hipsters Dont Dance, the first ever one is the Hip Hop edition. We are joined by Jamie from Effect Mode and Nick from Yo Mama for a chat and a live guest mix from them. Jamie's Mix is the Boom Bap sound that influenced his hip hop project and also some of the new stuff that he is into, whilst Nick's mix highlights the different faces of the successful monthly club night. Hosts Kazabon and Hootie Who explore the hip hop that influenced them, whether it be the soulful stuff or the Ragga Hip Hop sub genre respectively.

In keeping with the tradition of that era, you may be hearing some hiss and pops in the recording, just imagine you shoved a tape into your laptop.

See interviews with Effect Mode and Nick (Yo Mama) here http://vimeo.com/35832688


Playing tracks by Supercat and Method Man, Fat Joe, Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg, Professor Grizzly , Baja Jedd and more.


Joaquin Dominguez del Pino

Que recuerdos de aquellas fiestas en Barcelona...Sesión magnifica!


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