The Truth About GlowWorms

The Truth About GlowWorms

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The Truth About GlowWorms
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The Truth About Glow worms. You might think it would be difficult to fill half an hour with fact, fantasy, song and poetry about this little glowing nocturnal creature. I hope you'll be surprised. Maybe not *pleasantly* surprised - some of their habits are horrifying.... Best site! Glowworm survey – you can contribute your sightings. Maps and loads of info.

Videos excellent 10-minute vid by Chris Gent. feeding mating

the Glow Worm by John Tyler 2002
The Secret Life of Glow-worms: Including the Lesser Glow-worm by John Horne 2009


Playing tracks by The Gloworms (only one 'w'),, Owl City, Mills Brothers with Bette Middler, Heather Joyce, and Marvel Productions and Sunbow Productions.