HC - Residuum Vol 2

HC - Residuum Vol 2

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HC - Residuum Vol 2

After more than six months in the making, I am excited to present you with the second volume of my Residuum mix series, showcasing my favorite pieces in reductionist microsound and isolationist ambiance. Just as the first volume, released more than two years ago, the transitions in this collection have been meticulously curated for a deep listening experience. This mix is best experienced with a really good pair of open-back headphones, preferably in the horizontal position – do not operate any machinery while listening, as mild disorientation may occur.

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Cover art: "oxidation two" by emitt kyle



Playing tracks by Robert Crouch, Yann Novak, Pinkcourtesyphone, Basinski + Chartier, Lost Trail and more.

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Wow, this is an incredible mix…


An amazing journey for me. Both Vol 1 and Vol 2 are incredible and for those of us who suffer (and "suffer" IS the correct word) from Insomnia, these are invaluable. I also believe both mixes could be helpful for people with ptsd, anxiety, chronic pain and depression. (Many, if not all, sit under the same big umbrella) I also believe the "isolationism" would to be a fantastic way to deal with ADHD. I have put both Volumes in my playlist for reading . They are multifaceted mixes. Amazing! You have created something so very special and I know I will be taking this journey very often. Words cannot express my gratitude. I hope there is a vol 3, 4 etc, in the future; maybe one yearly? Peace to all, everywhere. "All the disorders, all the wars which we see in the world, only occur because of the neglect to learn music" Moliere




Is residuum 3 coming?? ;)


Great job. This mix is spot on. One of the best on headphonecommute.

Mark Burnop

Love your residuum mixes, there's nothing else like it. Cheers hc.

Headphone Commute

Thank you, Mark!


This is my third listen to this mix and wow - it is just amazingly wonderful. I love it through and through. Thanks, HC!

Headphone Commute

Thank you, John - a lot of thought went into the journey...

Adam Ellis

I understand. Well done and thanks xx

Value Studio

Pure Love. Full support.

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