HC - Best of Modern Classical 2010 Part 1

HC - Best of Modern Classical 2010 Part 1

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HC - Best of Modern Classical 2010 Part 1

Another year in music has passed. How do I celebrate all of the great releases? Best of 2010 lists featuring some of my favorites is one thing, but how do I share the actual feelings that the music evokes? Well here it is! The first part of the mix selecting some of my absolute favorite pieces from ambient, neo-classical, and modern classical releases. Just look at the tracklisting! I spent countless hours perfecting this mix, so I hope you enjoy, and spread the word!

Check out Part 2 of the mix:

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Playing tracks by Rafael Anton Irisarri, Richard skelton , Nest, Max Richter , Peter Gregson and more.


Jp Boudreau

Track Listing: Artist – Track Title (Mix) // Album [Label, Year]

[00:00] Rafael Anton Irisarri – Für Alina // Reverie [Immune, 2010]
[08:00] Richard Skelton – Of The Last Generation // Landings [Type, 2010, Reissue]
[12:30] Nest – Far From Land // Retold [Serein, 2010]
[16:30] Max Richter – Infra 5 // Infra [130701 / FatCat, 2010]
[21:26] Peter Gregson – Flight Path // Terminal [Mute Song, 2010]
[26:15] Hildur Guðnadóttir – Casting // Mount A [Touch, 2010, Reissue]
[31:20] Clem Leek – The Burnt Home // Holly Lane [Hibernate, 2010]
[35:56] Loscil – Showers of Ink // Endless Falls [Kranky, 2010]
[42:30] Beta Cloud – Marsh of Sleep // Lunar Monograph [Laughing Bride, 2010]
[48:30] Asura – Getsemani // 360 [Ultimae, 2010]
[54:15] The Orb – Glen Coe // Pop Ambient 2010 [Kompakt, 2010]
[58:50] Brian Eno – Written, Forgotten // Small Craft On A Milk Sea [Warp, 2010]
[62:20] Olan Mill – The Prescribed Individual // Pine [Serein, 2010]

Jp Boudreau

Great work HC..

Jp Boudreau

Exquisite and nice to see the tracklist in the app for once. Sublime

Michelle O'Mahoney

Just wow!!! Stunningly ethereal, took me somewhere else which is how I like my music 🙏


wondrous (and wonder-filled) ;)

Sinisa Čubrić

I Love Trance bat this is harmony of filings and living places wau Thanks

Ronnie Sanders

I Love HC

Ronnie Sanders

The reason all this began.

Andrew Hunter

cool tunes..😎👍

Осторожный Артём

Thanx a lot for this awesome mix! Incredible joy i had listening this work!

Carrasco Jonas

i heard the last song and took me to the land of mi sadness and all my past came to my eyes... its just indescriptible... i lost the song but here i found it again! thanks!

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