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Pell City, United States

Have Not Jones is a multifaceted rapper with an eccentric style that draws inspiration from old school hip-hop, hardcore music, and a dash of country. His music combines aggressive lyrics with an unexpectedly positive message in a way that is sometimes reminiscent of if a character from a Rob Zombie horror film listened to a shitload of Tupac and then became a motivational speaker. It is the result of surviving abuse, poverty, and struggle to come out on top with a "Fuck you" attitude and trying to uplift others going through the same things.

He was born in May 31st, 1988, and grew up in Springville, AL, a small town outside Birmingham. As a teenager, he was heavily involved in the hardcore scene, performing at shows as the vocalist for a band, and listened to Tupac religiously. From a young age, years of his life were spent in and out of jails and rehabs, living on the streets, selling drugs and struggling with alcoholism. In recent years, he has changed his attitude and started turn