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ear Sir/Madam

Re: Campaign

Please note that this message is going to all different European radio stations as well as all different broadcasting corporations around the world.

My name is Ann Jamieson and I have just written a book about European roots. Influences of all different cultures including pre Roman period are covered in the book. Since I studied linguistics
the stress is on proto-languages particularly Old Hebrew (Biblical Hebrew).

I took this opportunity to start a campaign called Peaceful Childhood campaign. I am a lecturer And I teach Health and Social Care (Psychology) as well as English language (Business Correspondence).
I have been receiving a lot of support from some members of the Royal Family, Hollywood actors, famous musicians, artists, etc. This encouraged me to make the campaign and international one (I receive a lot of support from all different countries, all different continents).

It came to my attention some time ago that some governments in Europe have been applying some interventionist methods. Britain unfortunately is not immune to this sort of thing by any stretch
of imagination. My concern is that different countries in the EU could be influencing others and the situation could potentially get out of hand.

I am calling all peace loving people, all those who believe that we all learned something from WWII to raise their voice against this avalanche of governing without sufficient accountability. In Britain
judges not that long ago issued a statement that they will not accept EU standards of human rights?! Does that mean that some people are fretting about the crisis to that extent that they are prepared to do anything to safeguard their interests because no one knows how serious things could get.

It is time to prevent the situation where some use any excuses every time there is a major economic crisis, excuses not to uphold crucial values and thus plunge Europe into some kind of a nightmare.

Thank you so much for your time.

Kind Regards

Ann Jamieson

PS Please pass this on.