5. Feldenkrais Somerset (19/06/20). hooking big toe.

5. Feldenkrais Somerset (19/06/20). hooking big toe.

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5. Feldenkrais Somerset (19/06/20). hooking big toe.
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Presented by Ed Bartram.

Ed Bartram teaches Feldenkrais in Frome, Bath and nearby towns. After working in the NHS, in theatre and schools, he came to Feldenkrais after suffering chronic headaches and back trouble - which are now very much a thing of the past.
Ed works with older people to help them stay agile; people aged 40-60 who suddenly can't do things easily (like sitting, say, or running) that they've always taken for granted; and with children with neurological challenges. He gives individual sessions - moving people with his hands (Covid-19 notwithstanding), and group lessons using verbal instructions.
Ed's website is www.feldenkraissomerset.com, and shares @FeldenkraisFrome on Facebook with fellow practitioner Jackie Adkins.