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Need More Sources - The Grand Scheme Of Things

Need More Sources - The Grand Scheme Of Things

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Need More Sources .

“...A collection of disparate sonic and musical elements are hooded and bound together into the same silent space. If they don't comply and come to some kind of an orderly arrangement along the lines of the Conductors will - outside agencies are sought and micro-management is imposed onto each individual element. If an element/elements still refuses to be compliant and do what is being imposed; radical attitude adjustment technologies and techniques are liberally applied until said element/elements atone and get in sync with the Conductor.

This process leads to a desired outcome for the Conductor. Though whether this outcome is welcomed, appreciated or even understood by the elements themselves is questionable and remains to be realised by each element personally, but for now; they must be contented and consoled by the fact that they were hand-picked, auditioned and wrangled to play a functional yet disposable part within a larger design..."