Fusion in a Sand Dune - Alchemy at Zahar Playlist

Fusion in a Sand Dune - Alchemy at Zahar Playlist

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Fusion in a Sand Dune - Alchemy at Zahar Playlist
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Resonance104.4FM is running an on-air auction including 2 tickets for this first ever philanthropic festival, featuring Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth, legendary psyche rock band Om, Secret Chiefs 3, Master Musicians of Bukkake & more. Tickets are worth 225 euro each. Our playlist features the festival bands.
Lot e.1) 2 tickets to a festival set in the most scenic possible setting, the Moroccon Sahara, a ride into the desert from Marrakech.
April 18-21st 2013
Each 4 day pass includes:
• Transportation from M’Hamid El Ghizlane to the Dune of Zahar
• An access to all concerts & visitors zones.
• 3 Liters of water per day for 4-5 days depending on time / date of arrival.
• A sleeping place in a Tuareg tent for 4-5 days 17th - 21st
• 4–5 breakfasts
• Dromedary ride from the Campsite / the Visitors zone –possible.
• Transportation from the Dune of Zahar to M’Hamid El Ghizlane.
All you need is a sleeping bag & 2 days either side to attend!


Playing tracks by Secret chiefs 3, Inouraz, Sir Richard Bishop, Pelican, OM and more.


Fari B
Fari B

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