Art Objects Radio 2020/9/28

Art Objects Radio 2020/9/28

3 years ago
Art Objects Radio 2020/9/28
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New and old indie, post-punk and unexplained stuff from Japan and the world. Guaranteed 40% recent-ish stuff from 2020, so if this was an alcoholic drink, that'd mean you'll be getting drunk on the new.

Spoilers below:

Aunt Sally - Subete Urimono
NoWa - Bueno
Goganjars - Sōri Daijin
Captain Beefheart - Tropical Hot Dog Night
Ourselves the Elves - The Change
Morningwhim - Smoke from Cigarettes
The Buildings - Manilla’s a Trap
The Doodless - Su_haku
BLONDnewHALF - Waa Waa Waa
Lightning Bolt - Planet of the Wolves
Vodovo - Cocoon
Douglas - This Act 2
Girls in Synthesis - They’re Not Listening
Neil’s Children - Stupid Band
Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit - Trittbrettfahrer
YPY - Lovely Musty Dusty
Mu-Neujohn - Futurhythmo
Mul-Let-Ct2 - Cut2.1.1
Belk - Flunk
The Noup - Flowmotion
Wire - I Should Have Known Better
Hysteric Picnic - Economic Animal
Panicsmile - Fighting-Business-Disintegration
Airport 5 - Cold War Water Sports
Silver Apples - Dust