Art Objects Radio 2020/10/26

Art Objects Radio 2020/10/26

3 years ago
Art Objects Radio 2020/10/26
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This week's show features interview guest Brian Durr a.k.a. BD1982 from Tokyo's Diskotopia label, talking about his new album with Sense of Sense, recent releases by Aemong and Memotone, Diskotopia's share of the blame for the city pop boom and generally about creating art in the face of the twin evils of COVID and Spotify.

Spoilers below:

OOIOO - Tease Her
Doctor Mix & The Remix - Brand New Cadillac
Walter Steding - Hound Dog
-interview -
Sense of Sense - Vorimba
Aemong - Some Wishes
J.H.Guraj - Furnace
Duma - Omni
Manomars - 4eva
S. Ptice (Strukturne Ptice?) - Excerpt
Memotone - Hidden Cities
Sea Level - Anastasia
Movietone - Orange Zero
Ai Aso - Scene
Noiseconcrete x 3chi5 - Strange Prosperity
former_airline - Geometries of the Imagination
Metal Boys - Carnival
Sarah Davachi - Canyon Walls

Ambient BGM during the talking bits by Takeshi Yamamoto, BD1982, A Taut Line, Green Linez and Memotone.


Playing tracks by Sense Of Sense, Aemong, J.h. Guraj, Manonmars, Memotone and more.