Art Objects Radio 2020/10/12

Art Objects Radio 2020/10/12

3 years ago
Art Objects Radio 2020/10/12
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More classic and unknown indie, post-punk and experimental curiosities from Japan and overseas.

Spoilers below:

The Blanche Hudson Weekend - Seven Days a Week Nightmare
P22 - Intro
Can - Soul Desert
Tsunematsu Masatoshi - Nigashita Hajimari
Unskilled Lab - Vibration
To My Boy - Tell Me, Computer
Carter Tutti - Dancing on Your Grave
Lvminescence - Faith (Demo#001)
Luveless - Kill the Megane
She Talks Silence - The Moon
Pop-Office - Young Town
McCarthy - The Well-Fed Point of View
Maja Osojnik - Let Them Grow
Meiteimahi - Kubi
This Heat - Paper Hats
illMilliliter - Short Sleeper
P.E. - Dirty Plumage
Oorutaichi - Futurelina
Yolz in the Sky - Oh My Balance!
Andreas Dorau - Kleines Stubenmädchen

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