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EE Episode 21: Location, Location, Location... (9/18/2017)

EE Episode 21: Location, Location, Location... (9/18/2017)

On today's episode of the Encyclopedia Esoterica we'll be heeding the golden rule Location, Location, Location by taking in songs recorded in unusual environments: stairwells, subways, movie theaters, churches, barns, campfires, porches, school gymnasiums, the middle of a lake, the middle of nowhere, the outskirts of nowhere, and sure, maybe a basement or living room here or there. All this plus a few previews of upcoming shows coming to Philadelphia this week.


The Encyclopedia Esoterica

The Encyclopedia Esoterica
Episode 21: Location, Location, Location…

David Garland - “I’m Here (Secular Prayer #1)” / On The Other Side of the Window (Review, 2003)
Father Herrera & The Trio ESP - “Jesus, Master, Shepherd, Hear Me” / Jazz Goes To Church (Enterprise, 1968)
Bobby Brown - “Hawaii” / Live (Destiny Records, 1978)
Ghost - “Moungod Radiant Youth”, “Guru in the Echo” / Temple Stone (Drag City, 1997)
Warlus - “Gee Gee” / Songs (Joint, 1977/re: Guerssen, 2008)
Donnie & Joe Emerson - “Good Times” / Dreamin’ Wild (Enterprise & Co., 1979)

Lazy Smoke - “Under Skys” / Corridor of Faces (Onyx, 1968/re: Jackpot, 2010)
The Sixth Station - “I See” / Deep Night (Self-released, 1980/re: Numero Group, 2013)
Neil Young - “Will To Love” / American Stars ‘N Bars (Reprise, 1977)
The George School - “Persephone’s Song” / Journey of Persephone (No Label, 1973)
The Farm Band - “Keep Your Head Up High” / The Farm Band (Mantra, 1977)
Iasos - “Libra Sunrise” / Inter-Dimensional Music (Unity, 1975)
The Langley Schools Music Project - “Band on the Run” / Innocence and Despair (Self-released, 1977/re: Basta/Bar None/Gammon, 2001)
Perry Leopold - “The Experiment in Metaphysics” / Experiment in Metaphysics (Self-released, 1970/re: Guerssen, 2012)
Olivia Tremor Control - “Cycle 2” / Explanation II: Instrumental Themes and Dream Sequences (Flydaddy, 1996)

Andrew Schneider - “You Could Win Them All” / (unreleased demo, 2017)
Rootless - “Music in the Trees” / Sculptures Deep Within The Cave (Cabin Floor Esoterica, 2017)
Pergola - “Through The Windfall” / So Long (not Goodbye) (Self-released, 2015)
Connie Converse - “Talkin’ LIke You (Two Tall Mountains)” / How Sad, How Lovely (Squirrel Thing, 2014)
Harry Dean Stanton - “Blue Bayou” / Party Fiction Original Soundtrack (Omnivore, 2014)
Twilight Nuages - “Life Goes On, Love Goes On” / Twilight Nuages (Self-released, 1977/re: Folk Evaluation, 2014)