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Morsi's Egypt: from Tahrir to Gaza and back

Morsi's Egypt: from Tahrir to Gaza and back

On 22 November, President Mohammed Morsi pivoted from a successful mediation of a ceasefire in Gaza to address a deadlocked transition domestically. His moves have since ignited a wave of protests and a new crisis spike in Egypt’s transition.

Issandr el-Amrani, in London for two days from Cairo, and Anthony Dworkin will be looking at the new Egypt both at home and abroad. Where is the current domestic contestation of the rules of the game heading – the balance of forces, the constitutional referendum, institutional politics versus street politics and just how irreconcilably divided has Egyptian society become? What are the implications of recent events for the development of a pluralistic democracy in Egypt, and for the Arab transitions more broadly? At the same time are we beginning to discern the contours of a new Egyptian foreign policy under President Morsi, within the region and beyond?


Kamila Bellydance

Incredibly rich music...A beautiful surprise on this Fourth of July...Loved It. So Fabulous to dance to... About heart is with it...this land belongs to good & the people...not to certain leaders agendas...My wish is that everyone gets heard & that violence ceases to be solutions to complicated issues that divide the country...May the people embrace freedom & live in a country that elevates the children...its future leaders.

Vickie Smiles