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[08/09/2012] Frenchcore Freestyle

[08/09/2012] Frenchcore Freestyle

Playing tracks by

The Speed Freak, Autopsy, Drokz, Stormtrooper and The DJ Producer.

Just a freestyle Frenchcoremix i created.
© Dr. Scare-A-mediC 2012.

Trackrights reserved by their respective owners

Used Records From:
-Absurd Audio
-Psychik Genocide

-The Speedfreak
-The Stormtrooper
-Technological Terror Crew




1:32:24... EVER MORE !
If I tried to total the hours weekly and the sets and Live sessions and tracks altogether and how some mixes closed out and others didn't*...
Not only has somethin' "Unknown," and unexpected at that; surpassed and overwhelmed 99% of all else I heard as a wind-down for the past 5.5 days, but to think I now hafta listen for somethin' even more profound to topple this...a true listeners job is entirely unfinished, always :)


Final 10 minutes and saving the zaniest for the last stretch... should seen it; should known, but then - ruin all the fun; fergetta 'bout it =]


Imperial March... ON with It !!!


52:43 - I knew YOU could do it!
... effin' OUTDONE "... Hound Dog" and with somethin' so prominent & thunderous... death & grace and somethin' as tragic as... Megatron???
_54:38, loooool


loooooool, LOL, loooool, LOL, lol... ( speechless ) loooool, LOL, loooool


36:54... simply murderin'... MUR___DER__IN' everythin'... bleedin' doin' it thru it, to it, chewin' it to sh!!!!!!!!!ttttt, daaammmmnnnnn!


Got these ears trained pretty tight; practically deaf from tinnitus if ya discount me that* but I heard WHAT I heard... got them Vader breathe-outs with the exhale... just devilish, holy smokes :)


@ 21:35... of course I was just shakin' a leg and lettin' loose and strayin' from steppin' on some "Blue Suede Shoes," but you just damn stole it HERE !!!
"Ain't Nuttin' But A Hound Dog"... I got that funny feelin' that you're about to top that* relatively soon, just bettin' ON it =p