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Wobble Till The Walls Falldown!!!

Wobble Till The Walls Falldown!!!

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ANIKI REMIX, Fr33m4n, ANIKI, Incredible Melting Man, Jack Beats Mix and more.

In My Opinion the Best Mix i've redorded Yet.... dec8.2009


Jak Gibberish

This mix is so F'ing phat! Proper bass face being pulled 'ere!! Have it!!


Listening to this mixset I am reminded of an excellent meal I had at a Beni Hana restaurant. The choppiness of the wonk presented for our aural delights is akin to the mesmerizing fast knife-work of the chef on that huge grill of a stage, only here the DJ's tools of the trade are his hands for the knobs and his brain for the adroit mixing. This is sick fidget, here, filled will all the wonkiness one would hope to find - and when you look at the artist's names and you know that the tracks in this effort will be superlative - and you hope that the DJ can orchestrate and command the floor like that chef entertaining us with food skills.

And he does.

The tracks here sure are wonktastic and have flavors that may not rest nicely on the palate for many people, so if you don't like jackin' wobbly fidget with a sharp-honed and deft hand spinning it, like kim chee is an acquired taste, this won't be for you. But if you do savor a wobble-down dance session with a spiciness akin to that green fermented plant, you'll want this meal often.



JC BooM!
JC BooM!

Hope Everyone Enjoys a Bit Of Wonkyness once and a while!!