Discovery Sessions Vol: 2 - 01

Discovery Sessions Vol: 2 - 01

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Discovery Sessions Vol: 2 - 01

Come, dance with me: My second 'Discovery Sessions' sets...

New genres, new tracks... taking my learning and collection up a level, didn't think I'd get this set to work but surprisingly I think it does for a first attempt...

One take as always, having the courage to publish and take this mix as the foundation to build on… AGAIN – Mistakes are made (and kept in) as are the tracks that may not make the final set to come – I hope you enjoy this as much as I have discovering the tracks, learning as I go and trusting my ears and heart are building a credible set ; ) Pablo


Playing tracks by Don't Stop (Original Mix) Biscits House 3B 1 * 05:04 2023, Beggin' (Extended Mix) Aluna, Chris Lake Tech House 2A 1 * 05:28 2023, Move Ya Body (Jen Payne Extended Remix) Kevin McKay Tech House 11A 1 ** 05:46 2023, Push To Start (feat. No/Me) feat. No/Me (Original Mix) Westend, Noizu, No/Me Tech House 2A 1 *** 05:31 2023, Soul My Soul (Original Mix) FRANCO BA, George Z Tech House 1A 1 *** 03:50 2023 and more.

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