DIU Live 2018-12-15 part 2: Graphite, Scott Durand, Bwahaha, and Pulse State

DIU Live 2018-12-15 part 2: Graphite, Scott Durand, Bwahaha, and Pulse State

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DIU Live 2018-12-15 part 2: Graphite, Scott Durand, Bwahaha, and Pulse State

DIU Live 2018-12-15 part 2

This episode features guest DJs Graphite and Scott Durand, plus sets by your hosts Bwahaha and Pulse State!

DIU Live is broadcast LIVE the third Saturday of every month at 2 pm - 6 pm Eastern US time (UCT -4) on Detroit Industrial Underground. Check our Facebook events page for upcoming shows, and Join in the Chat during DIU Live with our DJs and listeners in IRC.

Links mentioned:
https://www.mixcloud.com/leo-oakley/ DJ Graphite's Digital Macabre

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/detroitindustrial
Web: http://www.detroitindustrial.org
IRC: ##diulive at irc.freenode.net or http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=%23%23diulive&uio=OT10cnVlJjExPTIxNSYxNT10cnVlef

Cover: "BLDG-Dreams". Acrylic paint and spray, watercolor, cut and painted copied paper. 4FR-2018 by Christopher Gerard. https://www.facebook.com/christopher.girard.528


Playing tracks by Apoptygma Berzerk, Neuroticfish, Struck 9, Surveillance, ES23 and more.

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Kristian Radolovic

Superb set of Industrial might. The rivets are going off all over the place. Every DJ does their part magnificently in this genre of music. All four one and one four all. A musical rapier that D'artagnan would be proud of.. Excellent

Detroit Industrial Underground

Thanks for kind words Kristian :)

Detroit Industrial Underground

DIU Live 2018-12-15 part 2 setlist:

00:00 Guest DJ: Graphite

00:05 Apoptygma Berzerk - Stitch (Restitched by Cronos Titan)
04:42 Neuroticfish - Hysteria
09:12 Struck 9 - Ritual Body Music (Raul Parra remix)
12:10 Surveillance - Belief (Rotersand Rework)
17:17 ES23 - Taking Me Down (SynthAttack Remix)
21:51 Suicide Commando - I'd Die for you
25:19 Leather Strip - Telephone Operator (Pete Shelley Cover)

28:49 Graphite recap

32:17 Graphite, Pulse State, Bwahaha, and Scott Durand

43:21 Guest DJ: Scott Durand

43:45 Panic lift ft Red Lokust - Constructed Cold
47:57 Struck 9 - Interconnected (Peoples theatres Cross Remix)
51:26 Test Dept - Landlord (Pre-release 03.01.19 album)
55:35 Night haze - Something strange
59:30 Funker vogt - Tragic hero (Neumix)
1:03:54 Ruined conflict - Fellowcraft (Available 01.18.19)
1:08:50 Clockwork echo - We came for blood
1:11:09 Pro patria - No more

1:15:01 Scott Durand recap

1:18:22 DJ Bwahaha

1:18:33 Apoptygma Berzerk - Backdraft (Sarpsborg Synth Version) (Soli Deo Gloria 25th Anniversary) [2018]
1:23:38 Schedule IV - Broken Crown (In Treatment [2018])
1:28:57 Die Slein - Wine Like Blood (Chocked Mix - shaneaungstedit) [2018]
1:33:17 Red Industrie - Wake Up 2.0 (Raul Parra Remix) (Showcase (Digital Edition) [2018]
1:37:42 Bells Into Machines - Video of Slaughter (Leaether Strip Remix) (Re:Imagined) [2018]

1:41:19 Bwahaha recap

1:44:03 DJ Pulse State

1:44:28 The Midnight - The Equaliser (Not Alone) (Endless Summer [2016])
1:48:15 Waveshaper - The Engineer Part II (Station Nova [2016])
1:51:36 The Rain Within - Rain (Atomic Eyes [2018])
1:56:05 The Black Queen - Secret Scream (Fever Daydream [2016])
1:59:05 The Frozen Autumn - A Gentle Flame (The Fellow Traveller [2017])
2:05:01 State of the Union - Beacon (Indupop [2018])

2:09:41 Pulse State recap

2:12:37 Guest DJ: Graphite

2:13:15 Concept Negative - The Day of Retribution (Feat Kain Kinetic)
2:17:47 Noisuf-X - Who Am I
2:21:35 Schedule IV - Stray

2:25:15 Graphite recap