DEEP IN THE FOREST a penan selungo song

DEEP IN THE FOREST a penan selungo song

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DEEP IN THE FOREST a penan selungo song
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Dawai dawai

Songs (lyrics, music) by Jolly Jengan, Jeffery Bujang & Sia Ngedau.

This creation was recorded in july 2014, with Jolly and Jeffery's brother, Biago. (Baram, Sarawak, Bornéo)


Frecella Jane

Akeu lepah meneng recording iteu,composition lagu neh menarik dan yang paling penting akeu sangat appreciated tujuan Jolly iah juk exposed Bahasa Penan dan be' kelo campurkan bahasa lem lagu neh.I seriously really loved it.
But,the quality of recording are not quite good and the sound not to clear,maybe recorded by handphone.I f only the Dawai Dawai let me solve it,i can do it.Since i've learned about recording and music,i know Studio that i can use to solve this.Inah awah,jian kenin meneng recording iteu.^_^

Lerroy Lemen

great.. what was the name of the second song?