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When All Else Fails 171021

When All Else Fails 171021

Mix featuring ProtoU & Hilyard, Svartsinn, Ajna, Kammarheit, Atrium Carceri & Cities Last Broadcast, raison d'etre & TROUM, Skadi, Taphephobia and b°tong.


Dark Essentials Broadcast

Following tracks were used for this mix:

1. ProtoU & Hilyard ”Alpine respire”
Taken from the album ”Alpine Respire” (Cryo Chamber)

2. Svartsinn ”And in this Cloak of Darkness I Cast My Shadow Short (Ghost Boy)”
Taken from the album ”Mørkets Variabler” (Cyclic Law)

3. Ajna ”An Unknown Visitor”
Taken from the album ”Inevitable Mortality” (Reverse Alignment)

4. Kammarheit ”Sphaerula”
Taken from the album ”The Nest” (Cyclic Law)

5. Atrium Carceri & Cities Last Broadcast ”A Deeper Dream”
Taken from the album ”Black Corner Den” (Cyclic Law)

6. raison d'etre & TROUM ”Eigi Einhamr”
Taken from the album ”Xibipiio. In and Out of Experience” (Transgredient Records)

7. Skadi ”Dead Land”
Taken from the V/A compilation ”Vol.1 Dark Ambient” (This is Darkness)

8. Taphephobia ”Fibromyalgia”
Taken from the album ”House of Memories” (Reverse Alignment)

9. b°tong ”Hybris-MM”
Taken from the album ”The Long Journey” (Reverse Alignment)