ABBA **REMIX - Best OF**

ABBA **REMIX - Best OF**

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ABBA **REMIX - Best OF**
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DJ Westend

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Playing tracks by Antoine Clamaran & Agua Sin Gas and Charles J.


Lord Jonathan Phoenix

Dear DJ Westend,

Fantastic mix from start to the finish with your ABBA mix set, which is a band I love, their music will never fade, and maybe I showing my age a little (or) brain washed by my Mother, lol.

The selected tunes you used throughout was phenomenal and you made time go so fast. As all DJ's know, when someone says "time went so fast" (or, similar) then you know the mix set was 100% and some.

So, I must thank you for this upload and it's a job well done, from me to you.

Kind regards, DJ Lord Justice.

DJ Westend

Good morning Lord Jonathan Phoenix☕☕☕
Many Tanks for your Feedback!!
Is also exactly my time (ABBA, Bee Gees etc)!
I always enjoy listening and playing...🎵🎧
Best regard🙌


Thank you for posting this, I always loved ABBA.


The bass is strong and I like it.


Quality mix bud


Great set, i love it, congrats...

DJ Westend

Many thanks & greetings from Düsseldorf!

Neil Hearne

Cool mix many thanks 😊