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DJ Victor

Los Angeles, California, United States

DJ Victor:

DJ Victor's "thing" is playing requests. He accesses a library of 40 million songs (all legal) and is thrilled to play whatever type of music you want: Current Hits, Hip-Hop, Country, Rock, Electronic Dance, Pop, 80s, Indie Rock, Reggae, Blues, Oldies, Disco, Hardcore Rap, Salsa, Motown, Punk... whatever! Victor plays the best mix you'll hear anywhere.

DJ Victor specializes in nightclubs, taverns and places that cater to fun-oriented nightlife. He is currently deejaying three nights a week at three different nightclubs... one with an all-ages crowd, two with an early-twenties crowd, packed to capacity.

Through more then 20 years of deejaying, Victor has learned the secret: play what the crowd wants to hear. That's it. Play the songs that people know and love. That's why Victor likes taking requests. Requests are a sure-fire way to know exactly what the crowd wants. And that's what it's all about. Not the deejay.

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