The Beauty of Evolution

The Beauty of Evolution

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The Beauty of Evolution
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The mix, “The Beauty of Evolution” is an hour long collection of spoken words and melodies which engage the listener in a journey of evolutionary thought. The blend of the euphoric spoken words of Gill Scott Heron, the uplifting melodies of Curtis Mayfield, and the hard rhymes of KRS- One, enables “The Beauty of Evolution” to be powerfully evocative. The mix flows from upbeat 70’s soul, such as “Higher” by Sly and the Family Stone, to the rock genius Jimi Hendrix, to the rap intelligence of Dead Prez, all of whom guide the journey of introspection and reflection, and all of whom force one to think about actively participating in evolution. The musical journey also encourages the creative genius that lives inside to come outside to greet the world, because as the Impressions so eloquently sang, “You’re a Winner”.

Press play and take an evocative journey through melodious harmonies that encourage a beautiful evolution.

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Playing tracks by The Impressions, Eddie Kendricks, Gil Scott-Heron, Jimi Hendrix, Sly And The Family Stone and more.