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DJ M-TAXXXX ' Wuz It Sumthin' U Said? '  August 29, 2007'

DJ M-TAXXXX ' Wuz It Sumthin' U Said? ' August 29, 2007'

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Ministry, Lil Louis, Masters At Work feat/ Beto Cuevas, Ralph Falcon, Shiney Grey and more.

here'z a mix i made 5 yrz ago right after visiting sum friendz @ a Club in Orlando back in 2007.. if u know me well, u know i still have that Gothic/New Waver blood in me & probably will til thee day i die any case, i decided 2 peep thiz party & felt like wearing black (my favorite color of course) with a shade of eye-liner & sum black nail polish (nothin' crazy) ..& all i remember iz when i walked in2 thiz Club, the people (friendz?) started snickering & maybe sum pointing & smirks that made me feel really uncomfortable i didn't stay 4 very long & when i got back home i started writing a song about my experience ..btw, which will b my next release (after 5 yrs) on Power Of Love Productions titled 'Don't Judge Me' ..but i'll tell u more about that later any case, 4 thoze who know me well, muzik iz tha best way 4 me 2 describe what i'm feeling ..after i wrote tha song i decided 2 make a mix-tape on how i felt we'll let tha tracks speak 4 themselves




Jacob Kuhn

Can't Stop......Thanks you

Manny Cuevas

Thank you my brotha!!")

Manny Cuevas

can't do it without my basement box partna through-out tha many yrz of muzikal inspiration!")

Chrissie Clees 'Detreux'

Oh, Sweet, you know I love this so much. ;) More than words could ever say. Such a prize piece of history, full of so much of everything that matters in life. Much love to you, always. Thanks for always being YOU!!!!!!