25th Anniversary of Mushroom Jazz Tribute Mix

25th Anniversary of Mushroom Jazz Tribute Mix

6 years ago
25th Anniversary of Mushroom Jazz Tribute Mix

This is my tribute mix to the 25th Anniversary of Mushroom Jazz, which is a series of musical compilations by DJ Mark Farina, which I had the pleasure of meeting at the It'll Do Club, Deep Ellum, Dallas. Originating in 1992 these were released on cassette tape, then since 1997 have been commercial CD and vinyl releases. Farina combines elements of downtempo, hip hop, jazz and R&B, French, Latin, beatmatching and mixing songs together and incorporates transitional effects (such as a high pass filter) and a generally dry reverb tone. Enjoy!

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MJ Tribute is awesome brotha, do WOrk!

DJ Larry Gee

I'm glad you were feeling it! Thank you biLoRi

Aum Breath

yes! lovin tbe mj vibe. my channel is based on tbe mj vibe. keep on bro!

DJ Larry Gee

Cool! I listened to "Grooved Jazzed instrumental hip hop downtempo trip hop mix : Jazz Bistro Exploration 14" and I was feeling it. Nice work!

DJ Larry Gee

Thank you Maximilian, I really appreciate the love!


Ooooooohhhh love it!

DJ Leo The Great

This right here!?!... Is the $#@&!

DJ Larry Gee

Lol, Thank you for the love DJ Leo The Great!!!