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Vancouver, Bc, Canada

I like music. There's no good or bad music. Only music that I do or do not like.

Styles that I like to mix include 4-deck: progressive, electro, house, techno, tech house; and hard dance: hardstyle, happy hardcore, gabber, and freeform.

Full Bio:
Ever since he bought his first single, Pet Shop Boys - Suburbia, Kranic has always been about the music, encountering the Beastie Boys in the early 90s and exploring the full spectrum of music ever since.

Kranic's musical journey has so far led him from the deep dark underground of the Gothic/Industrial scene, through the old school Hip Hop sounds, with a splash of Punk and Metal, the uplifting melodies of Goa/Psychedelic Trance and anything in between to the full-on grooves of House, Techno and ultimately Techhouse.

Kranic has now found a calling in this wonderful cross-over genre and uses the progression of modern day technology to share his love for music.