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DJ Kazzeo - 2012 08 30 (Club Wreck)

DJ Kazzeo - 2012 08 30 (Club Wreck)

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Giggles, Brenda K. Starr, WILL TO POWER, Lina Santiago, Amy Weber and more.

This is a must listen! You know there's some great music included on this show. That's a given. But also this week, a very insightful interview with Mari Fernandez, original member of Sweet Sensation. With all the recent issues between former & current members of the group exploding online, this was Mari's chance to deliver her side of the story. And deliver she did. Listen & see for yourself.


Angelo AK
Angelo AK

Thanks so much for this interview!

Jose Luis Borrero

Point of story....Betty...come forward.....own up to the deal......admit what you did.....apologize for turning on mari and margie....then maybe there could be a sweet sensation reunion!....since mari clearly stated that if there was ever to be a project collaboration between her...her sister margie and Sheila....It would not be considered a sweet sensation project!...listen clearly at the interview!.....and in my opinion, Betty was NOT Sweet Sensation!....we all clearly know that the SS sound was a group harmony thing!....without margies and mari harmonies, it would just be a lead vocal sound.....


sounds like shes bitter, thats show bizness,this happens in every group, Betty was Sweet sensation, she had the looks,the voice that every front person needs, get over it and move on.the music bizness is cut throut and low down and its all about money!!!everybody knows the music biz is a shady bizness and i bet most singing groups got screwed over ask New Edition how much money they made when they where if she had skills she should have went solo or formed another group,,stop hating

Errol Thomas

True and excellent.

Diana Rolon Beal

What a great Smile. Like the song says "what goes around comes around" KARMA is a bitch. You go girl. People have nothing better to say, their just a bunch of miserable bunch of a**holes, .......We love you Mari.

Errol Thomas

Diana,on Facebook Mari has countlessly told me the truth about what has been going on with Sweet Sensation. Recently,her husband Melvin had announced a Sweet Sensation reunion with Margie,Mari,Sheila,and Betty. In fact,I used to crack on Betty while she was a phony. I called her Miss Piggy and Walter Mercado in disguise.

David Guti

I heard so many rumors over the years about you .Mari You have always been real and you are a strong women Some people get confused with your confidence and mistaken it for arrogance . From where we come from loyalty and Integrity is big (L,E,S,) Will the music industry ever be straight up?You or your sister could have been lead singers.I can attest to Mari ever talking about anything negative about sweet sensation on facebook. I would love to hear Margie's side.I don't think that's going to happen:( I don't think its Margie style to go public,like you mentioned but if she does it would be interesting.Your music will always be with me.

Hass Deniro

Wow, Nice interview! This should be an inspiration to young artist getting into the business. Right on Mari for letting real be known! Holla...

Melvin KrazyHandz Ware


Errol Thomas

Preach on,brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Preach on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I understand where Mari is coming from, but to defend Shelia is totally being a hypocrite. When Mari left Shelia was singing her parts. I love the original Sweet Sensation and I have a great deal of respect for Mari, but to defend Shelia is B.S. And Shelia shouldn't be calling people phonies, cause if she wants to see a phony, all see need to do is look in the mirror. Can't like somebody because they see things your way... Sorry...

Nicole Lawtone

Thank God for the internet the truth comes out so fast. Your bless Mari. LES will always have your back. ;-)