Magnificent Lunch Break is BACK!

Magnificent Lunch Break is BACK!

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Magnificent Lunch Break is BACK!
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The Magnificent Lunch Break is Back!

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YES, @djRobsta agree!!!! Fire!!!! Where is that version of The System "don't disturb this groove" available for purchase @DJJazzyJeff ??

Chris Mann



? goúd? Awesome bruv 👍🏽.. Thx u 🙌🏽😤💀♎..


good vibes !

Jordi Filali

what about fans in the netherlands :-p

DJ Robsta

Yo Jeff!!!! My idol!!!! Where can I get that version of Don’t Disturb This Groove?!?!

Simeon Mugisha

That Diana Ross to MC Lite transition... Mother🤬ing insane! 🙌🙌🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥


Yeah, for real, huh? What exactly is Jeff’s deal? I mean, I sure as hell haven’t forgotten that fateful evening back in eight seven when after he stopped by your station, you know, with Will! Then after that, I totally remember how you guys went back to Jeff’s place and you, oh man you...You slept on The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff’s floor. And you slep so hard, too! How can he just brush uou off as if this never even happened. I never forgot about it. I wasn’t there or anything, but the way in which Kurt Loder reported on the event made one hell of an impact upon me. C’mon, Jeff! Don’t do this to bruh, bruh. He slep on your floor, don’t you remember that? !



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