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Jack Tripper

San Diego, United States

I started as a turntable DJ in 1996. I was originally buying Goa/Psy, Drum&Bass, Breakbeats, Acid, Trance, Tribal, Techno, and House records back in those days. My tastes have grown to include Electro, Progressive, Minimal, Glitch, Dubstep and other subgenres. I try to challenge myself musically while keeping up with the new technology. My sound continues to grow and evolve as I learn new artists, producers, and sounds that inspire me. I love DJ'ing and sharing my passion for quality music. Besides underground dance music, I also enjoy Acid Jazz, Trip Hop, World, and Downtempo. Good music shouldn't be limited by ones notion of genre. I try to keep an open mind with music. I love a good mashup as much as a good live DJ mix.

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