Throwback RnB love - vol.2

Throwback RnB love - vol.2

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Throwback RnB love - vol.2
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DJ JB (jb-john)

Welcome back to the 90's. The 2nd in a collection of throwbacks to the decade of Hip Hop and RnB superstars. If you were there then you know what i'm talking about. Now we move into more rare grooves. Another Level, Gabrielle, Family Stand, Soul II Soul and more. If you were there too i salute you.


Playing tracks by Mantronix, Jade, Family Stand, Chaka Khan, Soul II Soul and more.


Dj Jouhar


DJ JB (jb-john)

.... TRACK !!! lol

DJ JB (jb-john)

cheers bud - bringing back them old memories huh ? lol

"too bad we gotta get old.... ding ,... ding"

DJ Lewis Anthony

wow #nostalgia lol :D