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Boston, United States

This paragraph is from the Temple of hiphop but i feel like it represents me. Real relates to fixed or immovable things like land. When Hip Hop is real to you, when it is fixed and immovable from your being; YOU ARE PRACTICING REAL HIP HOP. When something is real it is considered to be genuine and/or authentic; it is what it proposes to be, it is not imaginary it is actually existing and occurring to your physical senses. The term real Hip Hop relates to the fixed conditions and genuine nature of Hip Hop as it appears to our physical senses today. Breakin, Emceein, Graffiti Art, Deejayin, Beat Boxin, Street Fashion, Street Language, Street Knowledge and Street Entrepreneurialism are all fixed conditions of Hip Hop. These elements are permanent and immoveable from the existence of Hip Hop. These elements are real Hip Hop, and those who promote and preserve these elements promote and preserve real Hip Hop.